Regular Savings Portfolio: Investment Planning with Endowments, Bonds, Unit Trust, ETFs and REITs

Skillsfuture Credit Applicable for this Program!

What you will get:

Online Education: 1 hour of On Demand Video, Lecture Notes and Excel template exercises.

Face-to-Face Small Group Coaching Session: 3 Sessions covering the following topic:

  • 26 Oct: Q&A + Excel Exercises from Online Education
  • 14 Nov: Hands On Unit Trust Selection
  • 5 Dec: Hands On ETF and REITs Selection

Each Session is from 7.30pm to 10pm. Venue to be confirmed

One-to-One Consulting with Financial Planner:  Optional Segment with a Licensed Financial Planner Endorsed by me if you need further assistance!

After the program, You will be empowered to:

  • Have a very clear Financial Freedom plan:
    • How much is needed?
    • Return required to achieve the objective
    • What instruments to use?
  • Set up Savings and Investment Mechanism:
    • Use available tools to automate the wealth Snowballing process!
  • Understand basic investment instruments and know how to allocate among them!
    • Endowments
    • Bonds
    • Unit Trust
    • ETFs
    • REITs

Learn how to create a blueprint for Financial Freedom at $210 Only!

(Skillsfuture Credit Applicable!)

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