Our participants  are now empowered with real estate skillsets to help them make Sound Investment Decisions! With detailed insights to the real estate statistics, they can find properties with high rental yield and good capital gain potential. And after understanding the policies and financing options, they can structure strategies for higher investment returns!

Property 1

All Set to go!

Property 2Property 3

Macro Analysis on our Real Estate Market – So Where is the market heading?
Up or Down? Best time to buy now? If not when?

Property 4 Property 5

What you should know about the Policies and Financing Option and
How you can maximize your investment opportunities within these restrictions

Property 6

Hands on with the analyzer tool to
find the most suitable property with highest rental yield and capital gain potential!

Property 7 Property 8

Visit to URA Centre to crystallize our learning with models,
master plans and understand government initiatives!

Property 9 Property 10

Exclusive showflat visit with private presentation just for our group members!

Property 11 Property 12

And Most importantly we are now part of a big family with the common interest of
making Sound Property Investment Decisions!

Let’s hear what the participants got to say:

Property 13

Guess what? This is just the beginning!
We will continue to meet once a month to keep learning and sharing from each other.
Real Estate Investment, a stressful exercise for most, will not be lonely for us anymore!

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