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My name is Chua I-Min and Thank you for visiting my website! I believe you are here because you want to learn some investing skills. I will like to share 6 reasons why I am a suitable investment coach for you!

Reason #1: Investment Foundation from 7 years of Formal Academic Training

I started my investment education by going through a degree program in Business Administration, majoring in Finance from National University of Singapore. The program took 4 years and I graduate with a 2nd Upper Honours. I continued my education by pursuing the CFA designation, one of the most prestigious designation in the global finance industry. It took me another 3 years to do so. In essence, I have completed 7 years equivalent of formal investment education.


Such education is important as the skills learnt are time tested and passed on by professionals and academia over decades. For example, the CFA program is by Mr Benjamin Graham who is also known to be the mentor of Mr Warren Buffett. Such wisdom can help you invest successfully over a long term period and not subjected to fads and hypes. The investment process that I practice and impart are based on such training!

Reason #2: 18 years of Personal Investing Experience with What I have Learnt

I definitely disagree with the statement that "Textbooks do not teach us how to make money". For those who make such statements, all I can say is that they have been reading the wrong textbooks! I do apply what I learnt from the various academic programs and now I can testify with my actual results that the methodology works! Through years of investing, my portfolio has indeed provided a good source of secondary income stream.

I started investing even before I left school at the age of 21. Which means that I have clocked in 18 years of personal investing experience. At the same time,  I have invested through different phases of my life: from being single with ability to take high risk to a family man now with investment objective moving towards building a retirement nest. These experiences enable me to have a good understanding of the investment mentality at different stages of lives.

More importantly, I am personally involved in the various market cycles beginning from Asia Financial Crisis to Dot Com Bust to SARS crisis to Sub-prime crisis and eventually to today. One tends to get the 'feel' of the market after going through these rides!


Reason #3: 11 years of Professional Career in Investment and Related Industry before being an Entrepreneur Today

Besides applying the knowledge in my personal portfolio, I have also honed my investment skills through my professional career. I started my career as a Senior Officer with Economic Development Board. This is where I learn about companies, their business models, processes and strategies first hand through the numerous company visits and management interviews.


My First job in Economic Development Board

I took up a training program by Ministry of Trade and Industry whereby I was posted to a Chinese company to help them list in the Singapore Stock Exchange. I was fully involved in the listing process working with the different stakeholders from lawyers to auditors to fund managers and of course with the company management. The Company successfully listed in 2004!


IPO Manager for a Chinese Company to help them list in SGX

After the training program, I moved on to Capitaland based in China (Guangzhou and Foshan) and began my real estate investment career. I played a critical role in helping the company to spearhead into Foshan by winning 3 land auction bids, with combined value of more than SGD 200 million!


Helping Capitaland to spearhead into Foshan, China

Having stayed in China for 3.5 years, I decided to move back to Singapore and joined PhillipCapital as the Fund Manager for Phillip Japan Fund, investing in Tokyo Residential Properties. This is where I oversaw the whole fund management process from investing to asset management to investment analysis.


Properties under my management when I was the Fund Manager with PhillipCapital

My last job as an employee is with AB Maximus, a regional investment training company, as their Chief Operating Officer. During my stint, I helped the company grow their regional business in Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei. The intensive traveling in the region has enabled me to have a good grasp of the regional markets.


Attending a Partner Conference in Chicago, US

In short, my investment knowledge have also enabled me to win trust from corporates to do investments and businesses through me. I am proud to say that I had played a significant role in investing for Capitaland and PhillipCapital with a combined value of more than SGD 250 million! Through these experience, I have also deepened my understanding on Investments!

Reason #4: I am able to Share my Knowledge the Way You can Understand!

I come from a family of teachers. My father, my sister, 3 of my aunties, 2 of my cousins and 1 of my niece are all teachers! Being knowledgeable about a subject does not make one a good teacher. In fact, how you teach is not important, what is more critical is how your student learn! I am glad to be blessed with the teaching skills that runs in my family!

Understanding that everyone has different learning style, I have created different learning experiences to suit your needs. Today, my programs include half day seminars for hundreds, short and long courses for a classroom of 20 and coaching sessions for a group of 5. How I engage my audience is also well thought out; my presentations are peppered with lots of humor as that is the best way to help people remember. I have games and exercises to ensure that you can 'feel' the learning and not just 'hear' about it. And what is most critical and yet basic is that I always make sure that there are 2 way communication in all my presentations and not just me trying to squeeze information across!

I believe the best testimony to this is the continuing engagements I have today. My standard classes are still filled after running them for more than 3 years. I am getting more invitations to seminars of various sizes and even on the regional front!


Seminar in Singapore to a full house audience!


Seminar in Penang, Malaysia


My Class in Chongqing, China, most of the time in Mandarin!


Presented to a Group of India Students for their Study trip in Singapore

And I am very sure those who have participated my program will be happy to testify as well!


One of the many feedback I get now and then

Reason #5: Even the Media is Seeking my Views!

Personally, one of the biggest endorsement of what I do is the media attention I am getting. My views have been sought after by Channelnewsasia, Lianhe ZaoBao and Channel 8 morning express news!


Interview by ChannelNewsAsia


Interview by Channel 8 Morning News Express


Newspaper Interview

Reason #6: My Learning never stops!

For the last reason why I may be a good choice to be your investment coach, I never stop learning about investment! I still do my own stock analysis and research on various financial topics. The continuous learning process has enabled me to create new information and tools. Today, I am the author of 2 books on shares investing and real estate. At the same time, I have also created a software for performing real estate investment analysis!


My first book on shares investing currently sold in major bookstores - Now on 2nd Reprint!


My first e-book on Analysis Real Estate like Stocks and Shares


The Real Estate Investment Analysis Website I have created! Check out for details!

I am also constantly exploring new areas and knowledge of investing; I am now working with my Technical Analysis colleague, Mr Jeff Tie on combining Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis ("FATA") to see how it can improve both our performance. We have created a FATA program and we even have a joint fund to test what we preach! I am also testing out new products like contract for difference "CFDs" and branching into Malaysia stock market. Basically, you will see me constantly evolving in the investment arena!

If you are still here, I believe my investing journey have been interesting to you. Lets get connected to see how I can help you in your investment adventures! "LIKE" my facebook page or check out my seminar schedule to have a meet up soon! Happy Investing!

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