Vision: Everyone makes sound investment decisions



1. Provide quality investment education based on professional certification and tertiary syllabus

2. Make investment concepts easy to understand and fun to learn, focusing on learning, application and results

3. Provide education to as many people as possible, both in Singapore and overseas

Why Do It

We see a significant purpose in what we do as many people are making these investment mistakes which can cause severe disruption to their lives:

  1. Not Prepared for the Future – many thought that investment is a good to have for those who are greedy for more. This is so UNTRUE base on the current economic condition. To maintain our current lifestyle in the future (e.g. during retirement), Investment is a NEED to have for most families rather than a good to have. As of now, we are expecting many to reduce their living standards during their golden years because they are not prepared financially

2. Making Unsound Investment – There are too many stories of people making unsound investments like falling into scams, taking unnecessary high risk in get rich quick schemes and investing in products totally not suitable for them. These often result in loss of their hard earned money and put them in financial distress

We are not here to make people millionaires but make sure “Everyone makes Sound Investment Decision”! i.e. all investment decisions are backed by logical reasons, with an evaluation of the need for the investment and  the risks involved




Chua I-Min, CFA

Founder and Managing Director